Be a leading oil and gas manufacturer of Dubai- use efficient chemical injection quills

The oil and gas industries of Dubai are one of the leading suppliers of oil and gas throughout the world. These oil and gas manufacturing industries of Dubai work under harsh chemical environment and hence are often prone to early damage, wear and abrasion. This leads to high plant maintenance cost which in turn reduces the overall profits.

The chemical injection quills from Crystal Industrial are one of the important piping specialties which reduces damage of pipelines, reducing the overall maintenance and repair cost of plant and equipment. The chemical injection quills refer to pieces of tube which are used to introduce chemicals into the pipelines.

The chemical injection quills available at Dubai inject chemicals into the main solution just through the middle of the pipelines. This process ensures that the side ports and pipe walls do not come in contact with the harsh chemicals, like acids and alkali and hence are saved from corrosion and early damage.

The previous types of chemical injection quills which were used at Dubai oil refineries, were just small tubes inserted into the pipelines, which were probe to vortex shredding; this lead to cavitations, erosion and cracking of pipelines.

Thus, instead of protecting the pipelines from damage, these chemical injection quills lead to damage. The advanced chemical injection quills from Crystal Industrial are tapered shaped and hence the vortex shredding has less impact on the pipelines.

The chemical injection quills from Crystal Industrial are available both in standard and customised shapes and sizes to suit your unique requirements.

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