Crystal's range of chemical injection quills


Injection Quills are Special Purpose Products, used widely for Treatment, Mixing, and Neutralizing of Process Products in Petroleum, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power and Allied Industry.

Primary purpose of employing injection quills in the process system is to ensure complete mixing between the two process fluid – between the fluid in the main header pipe and the other being introduced through the quill.


Injection Quills provide an easy solution for uniform and complete mixing of process fluids. The quill injects / introduces process fluid at the centre of the main header – in the form of solid jet or spray – thus ensuring the mixing of process fluids and preventing any channeling effect at the main header pipe side walls.

This method of injection of liquid finds wide application with a wide range of process fluids – corrosive, flammable, acids etc. – easily introduced in the system without the need for consideration of special equipments for handling and mixing.

The ball-type service valves are available for use with Crystal retrieval tools. The female threads on this valve are industry-standard ACME threads and may be used with any Crystal equivalent high pressure access fitting as well as any other 2" access fitting. The valves have a bleed valve located on the non-process side of the ball. This bleed valve may be used to drain the retrieval tool, sample process, or be used as a path for back-pressuring. Factory pressure tested for a working pressure of 250 Bar.

The service valve is a portable valve that is used in conjunction with a retrieval tool. The service valve is threaded onto an access fitting in preparation for retrieving a plug. Next, the retrieval tool is attached to the service valve. System pressure is then equalized in the retrieval tool by unseating the plug. Occasionally deposit build up in access fitting bodies does not allow for pressure equalization through the plug. If this occurs, the retrieval tool can be back pressured by use of a back-pressure kit. Once pressure equalization has occurred, the plug is removed and the valve is shut. Finally, the retrieval tool is removed from the valve allowing access to the plug and its accessory. A Cap/Plug Assembly may be installed on the valve as an additional safety measure, if required.


Depending upon the process fluids handled the construction material of Injection Quills varies from carbon steel, stainless steel to high alloy steels such as Inconel®, Incolloy® and Hastelloy®.

Crystal has designed and constructed custom built injection quills for its Clients with the entire unit – consisting of main header pipe and the quill assembly – supplied as per requirements.

  • Main header pipe material : carbon steel, low alloy steel (1Cr-½Mo; 2¼Cr-1Mo) of thicknesses upto 2" (50.80 mm), overlayed or lined with Inconel® / Incolloy®
  • Forged taper quills of stainless steel, Inconel®, Incolloy® and Hastelloy®

Crystal has carried out forging of these taper quills of weight upto 600 lb (300 kg), heat treatment and testing for physical and chemical properties meeting to relevant material specifications including corrosion resistant properties as per ASTM G28.

The wide range of materials involved, the welding and forging of these materials is an indication of the rich metallurgical experience Crystal has.

Crystal is one of the first companies in the world to have designed, constructed such special purpose Injection Quills with Incolloy® / Hastelloy B3® cladded for the Oil Refining Industry.